The Path Forward: Museums with Smithsonian Institution Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III and National Museum of American History Director Anthea M. Hartig, PhD

An award-winning public historian and cultural heritage expert, Hartig is dedicated to making the country’s rich and diverse history accessible and relevant. Originally from the third generation of Southern California, she grew up in the great Pomona Valley. Prior to joining the Smithsonian, she was the Executive Director and CEO …

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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) presents “Encouraging Innovation” – a collaboration with ITN Productions Industry News

Terry spall IMechE and ITN Productions Industry News will co-create a news-type program, exploring the vital role of mechanical engineering as a driving force in solving global challenges. Launch in November 2021 The world depends on engineers. Every day, experts in the field develop, explore and propose new solutions to …

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Cool off and restart at these canadian institutions

If you’re thirsty for a dynamic, stronger and stronger journey from college to career, it’s harder to find a better country to do it than Canada. This North American powerhouse has a lot to offer. It is the popular choice among prospective, current and former students. Just look at the …

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