Do establishments own shares of Advanced Human Imaging Limited (ASX: AHI)?

A look at the shareholders of Advanced Human Imaging Limited (ASX: AHI) can tell us which group is more powerful. Large companies usually have institutions as shareholders, and we usually see insiders holding shares in smaller companies. Warren Buffett said he enjoys “a business with sustainable competitive advantages, led by skilled people and owner-centered.” So it’s nice to see some insider ownership as it may suggest that the management is owner-driven.

Advanced Human Imaging is a smaller company with a market cap of A $ 177 million, so it may still go under the radar of many institutional investors. Our analysis of company ownership, below, shows that institutions do not own a lot of shares in the company. We can zoom in on the different property groups, to learn more about Advanced Human Imaging.

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Breakdown of ASX property: AHI June 14, 2021

What does institutional ownership tell us about advanced human imagery?

Institutions typically measure themselves against a benchmark when reporting to their own investors, so they often become more enthusiastic about a stock once it’s included in a major index. We would expect most businesses to have some institutions listed, especially if they are growing.

Less than 5% of Advanced Human Imaging is owned by institutional investors. This suggests that some funds have their sights set on the company, but many have yet to buy any shares. If the company increases its profits, it may be an indication that it is just starting to catch the attention of those investors with deep pockets. When several institutional investors want to buy stocks, we often see a rise in the price of the stocks. The past income path (shown below) may be an indication of future growth, but there is no guarantee.

profit and revenue growth
ASX: AHI Profit and Revenue Growth June 14, 2021

Hedge funds don’t have a lot of stock in Advanced Human Imaging. Because stocks speak louder than words, we consider it a good sign when insiders have a large stake in a company. In the case of Advanced Human Imaging, its senior executive, Katherine Iscoe, is the largest shareholder, holding 12% of the outstanding shares. In comparison, the second and third shareholders hold around 6.5% and 5.1% of the capital. In addition, we found that Vlado Bosanac, the CEO, owns 4.0% of the shares attributed to their name.

After digging a little deeper, we found that the top 17 own a combined 50% stake in the business, suggesting that no shareholder has significant control over the business.

While studying the institutional ownership of a company can add value to your research, it is also recommended that you research analyst recommendations to better understand the expected performance of a stock. Our information suggests there is no analyst coverage of the stock, so it is likely little known.

Insider property of advanced human imagery

The definition of an insider may differ slightly from country to country, but board members still count. The management ultimately reports to the board of directors. However, it is not uncommon for managers to be board members, especially if they are founders or CEOs.

Most view insider ownership as a positive, as it can indicate that the board is well aligned with other shareholders. However, on some occasions too much power is concentrated within this group.

Our information suggests that insiders have a significant stake in Advanced Human Imaging Limited. Insiders hold A $ 69 million in shares of the A $ 177 million company. It’s great to see insiders so invested in the business. It might be worth checking out if these insiders have bought recently.

General public property

The general public, with a 50% stake in the company, will not be easily ignored. While this group cannot necessarily make the decision, it can certainly have a real influence on how the business is run.

Owned by a private company

It appears that private companies hold 9.7% of the Advanced Human Imaging stock. It is difficult to draw conclusions from this fact alone, so it is worth considering who owns these private companies. Sometimes insiders or other related parties have an interest in shares of a public company through a separate private company.

Next steps:

I find it very interesting to see who exactly owns a company. But to really get an overview, we have to take other information into account as well. For example, we discovered 4 warning signs for advanced human imaging (2 are potentially serious!) Which you should know before investing here.

Of course this might not be the best stock to buy. Therefore, you may want to see our free set of interesting prospects benefiting from a favorable financial situation.

NB: The figures in this article are calculated from data for the last twelve months, which refer to the 12-month period ending on the last date of the month of date of the financial statement. This may not be consistent with the figures in the annual report for the entire year.

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