Need to go to the emergency room? You can now pre-register online at SIUH

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Patients requiring non-life-threatening care in the emergency department at Staten Island Teaching Hospital now have the option to pre-register for arrival, a new process that aims to streamline the patient registration process.

The pre-registration process is available for patients planning to visit the South Campus Emergency Department, located at 375 Seguine Avenue in Prince’s Bay.

“This will allow us to prepare [the patient’s arrival]Said Dr Nicole Berwald, president of emergency medicine at IUS.

“If they have any special amenities or needs, like wheelchair access or oxygen when they arrive, they can put it in the platform so we can be ready for them as soon as they arrive,” a said Berwald.

Patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities may also benefit from the pre-registration process.

While the two emergency departments – on the south and north campuses – are equipped to treat all patients, Berwald said anyone who may need extended accommodation, such as lowered lighting, the right team of doctors and nurses, or a room away from busy areas, would be able to enter the information in advance.

“It gives us a warning to know that they are coming, and we can make whatever arrangements are necessary before arrival instead of doing it on the fly when they arrive,” she said.

Part of the pre-registration process allows patients to select what time they expect to arrive, with time slots set at 20-minute intervals, as well as the ability to see what the current wait time is in the emergency department.

Berwald told Advance / that the median wait time between arrival and seeing a doctor is four minutes at the south site.

The new process is the result of an expansion of the emergency department – funded by the FO Emergency Group – which has broadened the service’s care footprint, allowing it to care for more patients than before.

“We have this opportunity to see more patients than ever before due to this expansion and we want patients to know that we are here and ready,” she said.

Patients can pre-register for the Emergency Department at the South Campus of Staten Island Teaching Hospital by scanning the QR code.

You can pre-register for emergencies here or by scanning the QR code in the photo above.


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