Plans for Easton Josie’s New York Deli reopen under a particularly different layout

On January 24, Josie’s New York Deli, an Easton icon, posted a post on Facebook for the first time in nearly two years: “A lot of our customers have asked if we’re going to reopen. We thank you for your kind messages and messages. Josie is missed by her customers and can’t wait to reopen in 2021. We’ll keep you posted !! ”

The post was inundated with likes and comments elated by the news, but some people were still wondering when this reopening would take place.

Wonder no more, as plans are underway for the beloved Center Square deli to reopen this fall, according to owner Josie Koury. But things are going to be quite different. Anyone who has stepped foot in the space may remember opening into a dining room that was rarely used (deli regulars know this is more of a take-out). But in September or October, that section will be Josie’s. The part of the establishment that is currently the main operation will be another delicatessen, but this one is vegan from top to bottom.

Wait what? Let’s review this. The charcuterie de Koury essentially occupied two locations in the southeast corner building of Center Square. One was the main deli section, where customers would order and wait for their food to be ready. The other was a much smaller section, about a third the size, equipped with tables and chairs for those who dined inside. Koury said she decided about three months ago that she “wanted to rent the side of the grocery store where I was before. , and I go to the other side. She ended up connecting with Eureka Plant Based Foods, a vegan grocery store in Phillipsburg, to take over the main side of Josie’s while Koury moved her operation to the smaller section to become strictly a take-out grocery store.

There is still work to be done to get there. Koury said equipment needs to be purchased, renovations need to be done and city guidelines need to be followed, but she expects Josie’s New York Deli and Eureka Plant Based Foods to open in late September. or October.

After shutting down in March 2020 due to COVID-19, Koury was eager to return to her delicatessen, and luckily, she finally has the chance. “I can’t wait to go back,” she said with a laugh. “I have become lazy and old. Now I will come back to rejuvenate again.

It will be the same Josie that it always has been; she wants her clients to be assured of that. Although now it will really be “come on, pick up and go,” as she put it. Most of the time, she’ll just be happy to see familiar faces walk through the doors again.

“I can’t wait to see my clients again,” she said. “I love each of them.”

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