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Q: My child is in pain. Should I take them to the emergency room, emergency care or the doctor’s office?

A: It can be scary to watch your child suffer from an injury or illness, especially because their reaction is often filled with fear, pain and shock.

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You also may not know how serious their condition is, as it is difficult for them to communicate exactly how they are feeling. Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Paul M. Saluan, MD sharing when you need to take your child to the emergency room, emergency care or doctor’s office.

When to take your child to the doctor’s office

“If your child appears stable from illness or injury, but has minor aches, lumps or bruises, you can schedule a visit to a doctor or pediatrician,” says Dr Saluan. . The telltale sign that they are doing well is if they are able to go about their daily business – eating, playing, sleeping, etc.

When to take your child to the emergency room

If you can’t make it to your pediatrician a few days after an illness or injury, take your child to an emergency care center, especially if it seems that symptoms of an illness do not linger or that ‘an injury begins. concern you.

When to take your child to the emergency room

Take your child to a hospital emergency room (or call 911) if they have been injured by a severe impact or fall, have difficulty breathing, have a broken limb, are bleeding, or see a doctor. a doctor immediately if he develops:

  • A physical deformation.
  • Swelling.
  • Loss of movement in an injured arm or leg.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • High fever.

Ultimately, if you are unsure of the severity of your child’s illness or injury, always seek emergency care. Prevention is better than cure.

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