Watch Now: Stillwater Hospital Tents Up Parking Lot, Calls In Medical Reserve Corps To Help Cope With Influx Of COVID |

The “diversion” status, according to the proclamation, can result in the transfer of a patient to another facility, even outside of Oklahoma.

The hospital’s intensive care occupancy can be up to 15, spokeswoman Shyla Eggers said, but she noted that staff are also caring for patients coming from rural areas in north-central Africa. Oklahoma who have little or no capacity for long-term hospital treatment.

Michael and Webber said the delta variant of COVID, in their experience, makes patients sicker and requires longer hospital stays than the variant that first hit the United States last year.

“This is not what we want to do. I can tell you, ”Webber said of the tent building. “That’s what, unfortunately – the reality of the situation is that’s what the warnings have been from our public health departments across the state and across the country, that if we don’t take these precautions.

“And that’s what you see. We are being pushed to extremes and we will have to take actions that we usually do not have to take. “

In the meantime, Joyce pointed out that the City of Stillwater and Oklahoma State University have promoted messages to strongly encourage the use of the mask, especially in confined spaces and indoors, including during the football game of this week-end.

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